Scotch Galore Whiskies

Scotch Galore is The One Stop Whisky Shop when you’re looking to sell your Whisky.

It couldn’t be simpler just click the link below ( CONTACT US ) and we will arrange the rest.

If you’re looking to sell your Whisky with Scotch Galore there are 4 ways this can be done.

1, You could bring your Whisky in to us.

2, We could personally collect your Whisky from your home or work.

3, We could arrange UPS to collect on our behalf,

4, You could send your Whisky in with another courier.

When we receive your Whiskies we will photograph and have them online the same day as we receive them giving the possibility that your bottle comes in, in the morning and are online and sold in the afternoon and the money in your account that evening.

What’s more we don’t charge you the seller any fee’s for selling your Whisky, so if you have a bottle that you want £100 for that’s exactly what you would get.

We charge the standard 12% commission on all bottles, so your £100 bottle would go online for £112 and when it sells we would pay you your £100 as requested.

Scotch Galore Your One Stop Whisky Shop.