Weller Antique 107 I.D. No: 1057


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Weller Whisky, a brand under the Buffalo Trace Distillery umbrella, is renowned for its premium wheated bourbons. Named after William Larue Weller, a pioneer in using wheat instead of rye in the mash bill, Weller whiskies are cherished for their smoothness and rich flavours. The brand includes various expressions, notably the Antique 107, Special Reserve, and the highly sought-after Weller 12-Year-Old. Recognized for delivering exceptional quality at more accessible prices than some other wheated bourbons, Weller has gained a cult following among whiskey enthusiasts. The brand’s commitment to heritage, craftsmanship, and a distinct wheated mash bill contribute to its enduring popularity.

Distillery:          W.L. Weller

Region:              North America

Strength:          53.5% abv          

Bottle Size:      700 ml

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W.L. Weller


North America




Bourbon and Rye


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