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Maker’s Mark is an iconic bourbon whiskey renowned for its distinctive taste and handcrafted heritage. Originating from Kentucky, it’s distinguished by its smoothness, caramel sweetness, and hints of vanilla and oak. Created by Bill Samuels Sr. in the 1950s, its recipe remains unchanged, featuring high-quality corn, barley, and red winter wheat. Notably, Maker’s Mark is aged in charred oak barrels, imparting rich flavours and a warm finish. Its signature red wax seal symbolizes craftsmanship and authenticity. With a loyal following worldwide, Maker’s Mark continues to epitomize tradition and excellence in American whiskey-making, cherished by connoisseurs and newcomers alike.

Distillery:          Maker’s Mark

Region:              North America

Strength:          45% abv          

Bottle Size:      1 Litre

Please note that there might be minor scratches on the bottle/bottles labels, and packaging. Please examine all pictures thoroughly, before making any purchase.

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Weight 2 kg

W.L. Weller


North America




Bourbon and Rye


12 Years Old


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