I.W. Harper 12 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon I.D. No: 1652


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The I.W. Harper distillery whisky is a celebrated expression of American bourbon craftsmanship, embodying a legacy of excellence that dates back over a century. Rooted in tradition and refined expertise, I.W. Harper has established itself as a distinguished name in the world of fine whiskies. With origins tracing back to the late 19th century, I.W. Harper has maintained a reputation for producing refined and velvety-smooth bourbons. The distillery’s signature offering, I.W. Harper Kentucky Straight Bourbon, is a testament to its commitment to producing spirits of unparalleled quality. This bourbon is characterized by its harmonious blend of rich caramel, vanilla, and oak flavours, delivering a memorable sipping experience. I.W. Harper’s dedication to craftsmanship extends beyond its bourbon to its distillation and aging processes. The use of high-quality grains, meticulous copper pot still distillation, and aging in charred oak barrels contribute to the exceptional depth and complexity found in each bottle. In recent years, the I.W. Harper distillery has experienced a revival, capturing the attention of modern bourbon enthusiasts while staying true to its heritage. This resurgence has introduced a new generation to the brand’s storied history and remarkable whiskies, reaffirming I.W. Harper’s status as a timeless and cherished name in the world of American bourbon. In essence, I.W. Harper distillery whisky stands as a tribute to the artistry of bourbon-making, showcasing a commitment to tradition and a dedication to producing whiskies that capture the essence of American craftsmanship.

Distillery:          I.W. Harper

Region:              America

Strength:          43% abv

Bottle Size:      700 ml     

Please note that there might be minor scratches on the bottle/bottles labels and packaging. Please examine all pictures thoroughly, before making any purchase.

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