Our Story

Scotch Galore Whiskies the alternative to Auctions.

Scotch Galore Whiskies is a family owned business run by myself Stephen, my son Paul and wife Jacqueline. My first introduction into Whisky was as a young boy growing up in place called Maryhill in Glasgow back in the 70’s, and at that time Glasgow was surrounded by Whisky bonds. In those days my Dad Phil was employed as a lorry driver within the Whisky industry. So this gave me the opportunity to spend the holidays with my dad visiting Whisky distilleries throughout the length and breadth of Scotland. Now back in those days with no real health and safety this gave a young inquisitive boy the opportunity to explore the Whisky distillery warehouses and explore I did, and I can remember climbing up and over many a Whisky barrel and trying to help warehouse men push heavy Whisky filled barrels around the warehouses. Nowadays I enjoy nothing more than revisiting distilleries as Whisky being such a traditional industry nothing very much has changed in the passing years, today you can still see the sights, hear the sounds of the past, and of course you have those lovely, lovely distillery smells of wood and Whisky that take me back to those special days long, long ago spent with my late Dad.