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Interacting with us is incredibly seamless. Upon receiving your bottle, our objective is to capture its photographs and get them uploaded online on the very same day. This means there’s a chance your bottle could be featured on our website in the morning, find a buyer in the afternoon, and the money from the sale could be in your account by the evening. What sets us apart is that we don’t charge any seller’s fees, and you’ll receive the full 100% of the price you set for each bottle.


Simplicity reigns supreme at Scotch Galore Whiskies. Our philosophy is clear: no joining fees, no charges for selling your bottles, and no reserve fees. Even better, there's no commission taken when your bottle is sold at Scotch Galore Whiskies. This offers you a direct and uncomplicated approach to selling your Whisky. All you need to do is decide on a price for your bottle, and then you have the option to conveniently drop it off, send it to us, or even coordinate a collection.