Scotch Galore Whiskies is a brand new way for you to buy and sell whisky!

No fees – No reserve and No Sellers commission fees! Simply bring in your bottle or bottle’s or we could even arrange collection, fix a price you want for each and every bottle and that’s that!

We then put it to our global audience and when it sells you get 100% of the price you put on that bottle. What’s more, your bottle or bottles go online straight away. This means you could bring your bottle in on the morning and it could be online and sold within the afternoon with money in your account that evening!

No more waiting about for an auction to start then finish and gambling on it selling for a good price then paying commission and fees even if it doesn’t sell then waiting 3 weeks for your payment to be made.

Scotch Galore Whiskies an alternative way for you to sell your Whisky.